Party officials explain how ideas become propositions, what East Texas voters can expect in March

Party officials explain how ideas become propositions, what East Texas voters can expect in March

EAST TEXAS, Texas (KTRE) - Early voting will soon get underway as Texas holds its 2020 primary elections on March 3.

Texas is one of 14 states to participate in Super Tuesday. Early voting begins next Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Candidates are not the only thing Texas voters will see on their ballots starting next week.

For the primary election you can only vote for one party. Democrat or Republican. So there are two ballots.

Each party has also created propositions for voters to weigh in on. The Republicans have ten propositions. The Democrats have eleven propositions.

“Propositions are not legal binding but gets the party’s ideas out to the public,” said Donald Baum, Chair of Angelina County Republican party. “Of what the party believes in and what is morally acceptable to the party.”

The proposition piece of the ballot is almost like a survey.

“This is more advisory. Telling the Democratic party in Texas what we down here think about different things. So it’s almost like a questionnaire,” said Mike Strong, Chair of Nacogdoches County Democratic party.

Each party has a state executive committee out of Austin that decides what propositions make the ballot.

“People write into Austin saying, I’m concerned about this and so they say, okay let’s see what people feel about things like health care, education, about clean air safe water, economic security, things like that. What’s on people’s minds,” said Strong.

There are some controversial propositions on the ballot. On the Republican ballot, proposition three for example, “Texas should ban the practice of tax-payer funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the taxpayer.”

“Well lobbying goes on all the time and when it’s taxpayer funded that’s where the rub comes in. It’s kind of a controversial thing,” Baum said. “I think if you read it and look at it for awhile it finally makes sense.”

On the Democratic party ballot, proposition one reads, “Should everyone in Texas have a right to quality healthcare, protected by a universally accessible Medicare-style system that saves rural hospitals, reduces the cost of prescription drugs, and guarantees access to reproductive healthcare.”

Early voting for the 2020 Texas Democratic and Republican primary elections begins on February 18.

You will need to present an acceptable photo ID to vote.

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