East Texas Flippers working to improve neighborhoods one house at a time

East Texas Flippers working to improve neighborhoods one house at a time

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Rather than kicking in doors, two former Lufkin police officers are putting in new ones. Jeremy and Abby Nettles, along with Richard James, are flipping homes for residents in deep East Texas-- and for the internet. The trio, known at the East Texas Flippers, post their projects on Youtube.

They say that houses people pass by every day in East Texas have potential.

“There is so much that an individual can do to change and impact a community. There is nothing special about us,” Jeremy Nettles says.

What makes them special is their teamwork.

“We started the YouTube channel to showcase the homes in East Texas and the impact you could make by helping your neighbors,” Nettles says.

In just 8 months they have flipped homes in Lufkin, Nacogdoches and Hudson.

Nettles says, “We're just willing to work really hard and show people there is something more that can be done."

The team strives to impact the community and the economy one house and one family at a time. Jeremy says the work begins with a vision of what the home could become.

“Not only the value of the house they work on gets built up, but all the houses in the neighborhood get improved,” Nettles says. “On top of that, we get someone in a forever home, and they are beyond happy about it.”

Overall, proving that teamwork makes the dream work.

Two episodes of the show can be found on YouTube. We have placed a link to the show on our website. Just go to KTRE.com and click the link in the big red box.

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