Twenty-seventh black history program reflects on local and national history

St. Paul CME Church hosts events

Twenty-seventh black history program reflects on local and national history

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Afrocentric attire, poetry, skits, and more filled the walls within St. Paul CME church.

Members from their church and around Nacogdoches gathered for the 27th year, celebrating and acknowledging their black history.

Colorful clothing, bright smiles, and a confident walk to celebrate, empower, and to remember. That’s what the Afrocentric walk is about.

“We do that because it shows just how proud we are of our heritage,” said Onetia Pinkard, who is on the program committee. “We all dress up in our African attire and we walk.”

The afternoon was filled with poetry, skits, dancing and more from all ages. However, Pinkard said she would like to see a celebration for more than just one month.

“We’d really like it to be 365 days a year because we make history everyday. And that’s my goal, to see us come to the point where we don’t just celebrate one month,” said Pinkard. “But we want to strive for excellence 365 days a year.”

Not only do they strive for excellence, they encourage others to also. This year they are focusing on the young black males in their community.

“Today we’re going to have three young males that are going to receive the award for Mister Black History 2020,” said Pinkard.”

This is an award to recognize the young men and encourage them on their journey.

“It was great. It was the young guys here that’s in the community. That’s going to school. Trying to keep them encouraged, to stay strong, and put the Lord in front of them,” said church member, Leo Berry Jr.

Some of what was shared came from national history. One moment that stood out to Berry was learning about the local history.

“I’ve been here a long time, you know, and happened to be working with one of the owners that’s here at the funeral home,” Berry said. “Didn’t know that all that was history there.”

Berry said he enjoyed the spiritual feeling and hopes that moving forward, people can be on the same page.

“Continue to learn the history, move forward, let’s work together and continue to love each and every one of us,” said Berry.

Prior to the event guests enjoyed what they called their soul food Sunday lunch and also participated in praise and worship from church choirs.

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