Audit reveals rampant admissions violations, cheating at Livingston HS Academy

Audit reveals rampant admissions violations, cheating at Livingston HS Academy

LIVINGSTON, Texas (KTRE) - After the LISD superintendent ordered an audit on the Livingston High School Academy’s admission and academic policies, it revealed that students who did not meet at-risk criteria and/or were not Livingston residents were fraudulently admitted into the school.

The audit also revealed that rampant cheating was allegedly occurring at the campus.

According to a press release that Livingston ISD issued on Wednesday morning, the campus principal resigned when he was confronted with the findings from the audit investigation.

“The audit also revealed gross negligence in his oversight of the classroom and conduct of its lead teacher, who was terminated by the board at the special called meeting held on February 3rd, for cultivating academic dishonesty in her classroom,” the press release stated. “Binders were prepared by the teacher containing test questions and answers for students to use when completing course work and examinations.”

As a result of the cheating, students accelerated through classes required for graduation “at astronomical speed.” Some students allegedly completed entire semester courses in mere minutes and an entire high school curriculum in weeks.

“The District is acting swiftly and in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency to remediate the violations,” the press release stated. “This will require all Academy students to illustrate mastery to regain credit awarded in all core courses during the fall 2019 semester.”

Letters were sent out to the parents of the students who were impacted, the press release stated.

“The Livingston ISD school board believes in the value of alternative education for students at-risk and supports the superintendent’s efforts to regain the integrity of the Academy program,” the press release stated.

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