Ugandan speaker expresses the importance of water resources to Dunbar Primary students

Ugandan speaker expresses the importance of water resources to Dunbar Primary students

LUKFIN, Texas (KTRE) - On Tuesday-- Pastor and Director of Enriched Africa, Jonathan Sewava of Uganda, spoke with first and second grade students at Dunbar Primary in Lufkin. The students are learning about the water cycle, as well as water resources.

He talked with them about the challenges that children their age face in the city of Uganda and other countries on a daily basis.

“When you come to the city, the city has running water. Some people have running water in their houses, some people don’t,” Sewava says. “But when you go up to the countryside, people do not have drinking water.”

“We are learning a little bit about the water cycle and run off. They collect the run-off, but the runoff has already run over fecal matter and things like that. The animals drink out of it and this is the water that the kids, moms and dads have to drink also,” First grade teacher, Jamie Mahan says.

Sawava and the students watched slideshows and discussed real world problems.

“I have seen people walk miles and miles to find at least a pond to fetch water to drink,” Sewava explains.

Mahan says events like this teach the children to be problem solvers, who will later grow to be global citizens.

“It gets them out of the mindset of thinking about yourself. It also shows them that things are different for other kids in the world and how can we help others,” Mahan added.

Sawava expressed helpfulness, how we should not take our daily resources for granted and how serious the necessity for clean water in Africa is.

“These children are the future leaders,” Sewava says. “It is important that they know what is happening, so that they know how to solve such problems.”

“We’re exposing them at a young age of different way of living. We’re exposing them to different paths at life that they can take,” Second grade teacher, Rebecca Tucker says. “So, if they learn about Uganda and learn about missionary work, then that could be something that they could decide to pursue later.”

In addition to the lessons, teachers and students are raising money to help provide a well to a remote village in Africa which costs around $12,000.

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