Astros players claim to receive death threats

Astros players claim to receive death threats

West Palm Beach, FL (KTRE) - The Houston Astrso are quickly becoming one of the most disliked teams in Major League Baseball.

Since their appology for using video equipment to steal signs on their way to a World Series fell flat when they arrived at Spring Training, the team has been questioned and degraded by players around the league. Now it appears to have gone to another level.

Josh Reddick spoke with the media on Friday and said the threats on social media have gone too far.

“Every day we get them every day whether it be social media and private messages," Reddick told reporters. I know a lot of guys are fearful to put anything out on social media because every response is going to be obviously the cheater comments, and people take it way too far with death threats to not only myself but my wife, my kids, you know it’s way out of hand where it’s getting a little crazy so it makes you wonder going to some places where it could be very dangerous outside of the ballpark to even bring your family. It’s definitely devastating to see how people are reacting.”

The Astros have tried to block out the players remarks but Reddick said the threats from fans have been taken to another level.

“I don’t think it’s really the player driven side of things that’s making things insane, I think a lot of people have a lot more power than they think they do with 140 characters just getting their opinion out, trying to have their voice be seen or words be seen buy us, probably get a little bit of a rise out of us, trying to get a response out of us, but I don’t think players outside of this team are really helping the situation, but I don’t think their adding gas to the fire, it’s already a pretty big flame," Reddick said.

The Astros will have their first spring training game on Saturday when they take on the Washington Nationals.

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