SFA talks about college’s COVID-19 preparations

SFA talks about college’s COVID-19 preparations

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - SFA president Dr. Scott Gordon enters a production audio booth to record an important public message.

Gordon read, “Because of the coronavirus pandemic classes have been moved to an online format and on-campus events have been canceled until April 6. This is disappointing but our utmost concern is the safety of our community.”

The decision was made with others in mind.

["So this is really taking a proactive approach, not just for our community, but for this entire health crisis and the community at large,” explained Gordon.

Discussion on a plan began weeks ago, knowing, "If we have to change course we will. It's a fluid situation,” said Gordon.

Staff and faculty will report to work Monday morning unless they’re returning from hot zones of Covid-19. Students are encouraged to stay home.

There are exceptions.

Cross country runner Lewis Mills from the UK and students with housing issues may continue to live in the dorm.

"Yeah I was here spring break on my own and it was peace and quiet, but I don't mind it too much," said Mills.

Gordon calls the quiet campus surreal, so he welcomed a bit of social distancing with students.

"Gentlemen, six feet," said Gordon while gesturing with his arms spread wide.

And the president is pleased to hear a student who gets the message.

{Pedro Flores, a Houston SFA student said, "With people going home or going on vacation and then coming back that can be problematic maybe. So, I think, probably it's the best thing to do."

Only time will tell if these unprecedented preventive measures will accomplish a significant goal.

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