Lufkin daycare temporarily closes after parent of child tests positive for COVID-19

Lufkin daycare temporarily closes after parent of child tests positive for COVID-19

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - A daycare in Lufkin has temporarily closed its doors after the father of a child who attends the facility tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Angelina County and Cities Health District (ACCHD).

Sharon Shaw, director of the ACCHD, said on Thursday that the father’s test results were positive for the coronavirus.

Shaw said the man, who lives out of state, has started his 14-day isolation period.

“[The Kid’s Depot Early Learning Center] is actively contacting parents and working with them,” Shaw explained. “And, again, exposure is low because it’s third-hand. But, we wanted to make sure parents and children were safe, and they were aware, and we’re working with the [COVID-19 positive individual] to make sure they maintain their quarantine and other steps we made need to take.”

The father did not visit the daycare, and was not symptomatic when he was in Lufkin, Shaw said. The child also has shown no symptoms but did attend the daycare after visiting with his father, Shaw added.

“Out of caution, we went ahead and advised the daycare owner to go ahead and close for two weeks, just the isolation period, and remind her families to monitor your children and yourself during this two-week period - as all of us should right now,” Shaw said.

“The exposure is considered minimal at best. Again, it’s third-hand exposure. A positive to an individual who was not symptomatic to an establishment," Shaw explained.

According to Shaw, the family of the man who has the virus will be advised steps to follow if or when they become symptomatic.

There is no recommendation by the state health department to test at this time anyone from the facility.

“Testing is only provided to those who are symptomatic and have direct contact with a known case and this would be not direct,” Shaw said.

Shaw said precaution is the best next step for everyone.

“Just do as you normally would do and monitor your and your children’s symptoms now and that’s good advice for anyone in Angelina County,” Shaw said.

Jennifer Scott, the owner of Kid’s Depot Early Learning Center, sent home a letter to parents on March 13, when the father in question tested “presumptive positive” for COVID-19. The man was considered low risk for COVID-19 but was tested as a precaution considering he’s an out-of-state health provider, Shaw explained.

Scott added that she was told by both state and local health departments that it was safe for her to continue operating her daycare at the time.

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