‘Pre-K Fun with Mrs. Ashley’ offers resources for parents teaching at home

‘Pre-K Fun with Mrs. Ashley’ offers resources for parents teaching at home

HENDERSON, Texas (KTRE) - With COVID-19 keeping schools closed, teachers are having to find out-of-the-box ways to teach and communicate with students and families.

One Carlisle ISD teacher is using social media to forward her students’ education.

It started in a group message with teachers brainstorming how their students would continue their education outside of the classroom. Miss Ashley began sharing lists of ideas on Remind, an messaging platform.

“When I was sharing it on my Facebook page and a couple of groups, they were like, this is awesome, are you going to be doing this everyday?” said Ashley Jordan, Pre-K teacher. “It kind of lead to be like, ‘Well I’m just going to make a Facebook page.’”

Between herself, some coworkers, and other teachers the page has been up and running for just about a week.

“We’ve just been posting some stuff. Some of us have been making videos, like neat things that we’ve found online, resources, and just kind of went from there with stuff,” said Jordan.

Even while they are away, Jordan said it’s important to keep up with the children’s education and they are doing so through online forums and printed packets.

“We live in a world full of technology, so you can literally teach from anywhere,” Jordan said. “And for those who have the internet we’re doing online things, and those who don’t, we’re doing print things that they can come pick up because education is the most important thing and they have to be ready for next year.”

The posts range from structured schedules, to cooking, art, and more. An activity, which can be created with items from around the house, called C-V-C words, helps with early spelling.

“What it is, is consonant, vowel, consonant. And you write the letter on a LEGO so that they start that early noticing of spelling and words, they’re little short words.”

Even though they are not in the classroom, their teaching and teamwork must go on.

“We just all come together like we do at school and I thought, this is great because you know, the more the merrier,” Jordan said. “We’re definitely a team at work and so we’re going to be a team through this.”

You can find the Facebook page under “Pre-K Fun with Mrs. Ashley.”

There, parents can ask questions, find resources and get support during this unique learning time.

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