Nacogdoches ISD begins weekday meal delivery routes for students

Nacogdoches ISD begins weekday meal delivery routes for students

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - School buses and district vehicles with the Nacogdoches Independent School District hit the roads on Tuesday, but instead of carrying students, they were carrying meals.

The district launched its weekday meal delivery routes to provide meals to students at 33 locations who might otherwise go without.

WEBXTRA: Nacogdoches ISD begins weekday meal delivery routes for students

Each morning, a bus will pull up to its assigned location and distribute a breakfast and lunch option to each student. Social distancing guidelines will remain in place to ensure the safety of students while picking up their meals, according to Les Linebarger, NISD’s executive director of communications and community engagement.

Linebarger added that arrival and departure times are fluid and will be subject to change depending on how well the locations are received.

The delivery route better ensures that more students are given the opportunity to receive a meal every weekday because transportation to curbside pickups can be difficult for some families; neighborhood delivery can serve so many more children.

Jessica Johnson is caring for three children this week.

“It helps me very well because I’ve been dealing with epilepsy and my daughter with sickle cell anemia, so it helps me out very well. Some days I’m not able to get up and focus right,” Johnson said.

That bit of structure leads to an expression of appreciation.

“It’s a very positive way to keep going and pushing forward toward the Lord to get this food and just do what we need to do," Johnson said. "We got to keep our children going, keep our families going. It’s what it’s about.”

The arrival and departure times are fluid and subject to change depending on participation levels.

For more information about delivery times and locations, you can find more on Nacogdoches ISD’s website.

In addition to the meal delivery routes, meals will continue to be available for pickup at Emeline Carpenter Elementary, Fredonia Elementary, Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary and the NISD Central Kitchen located on Hughes Street. Also beginning Tuesday, Mike Moses Middle School on Park Street will be added as a curbside pickup location.

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