Huntington youth baseball facilities vandalized, surveillance video shows at least 5 involved

Huntington youth baseball facilities vandalized over the weekend

HUNTINGTON, Texas (KTRE) - In the midst of baseball season being postponed, the Huntington youth baseball facilities were vandalized over the weekend.

“Devastating” is the word that community members used to describe the vandalism.

“As a community, we should all be trying to help one another and watch out for one another. Even watch out for one another’s kids,” Misty Harris, secretary of the Huntington Youth Baseball program said.

Surveillance video shows up to five individuals are responsible for broken florescent lights, a foul pole torn down and a lot of other damage.

“There was spray paint on the side of the building and spray painting on some of our equipment. Mirrors that were just donated last year in our bathroom were damaged, three of four of them are totally destroyed,” April Christoph, Summer Youth Baseball board member explained.

Broken mirrors were just one of the issues.
Broken mirrors were just one of the issues. (Source: KTRE)

As a non-profit organization, Huntington’s Summer Youth Baseball program is dependent on donations and community support. Proceeds are used to keep the facility up and running.

“It personally affects me because my son plays here and I want him to have a park that he can be proud of,” Christoph expressed. “So that, when we host a tournament and we have people come in from out of town, they will look at our park and think highly of Huntington, our youth and our community.”

Harris says they want the community to be able to use the facility. But moving forward, they may have to apply restrictions such as locking the bathroom doors.

“I think that is what is so heartbreaking. We want the kids to be able to come and play and enjoy the field,” Harris said. “They aren’t going to be able to be here, if we keep having damages like we have now.”

Overall, they hope the community can come together to help identify those responsible.

If you have an additional information, contact a board member from the Summer Youth Baseball program or Huntington Police Department.

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