Lufkin auto shop taking precautionary steps to remain open

Gateway Tire and Service Center is still here to serve the community

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - COVID-19 has impacted everyone in some way or another, including a Lufkin auto shop that has seen business decline slightly. But they say they are still here to serve the community.

Manager, Wayne Curry at Gateway Tire and Service Center said they are taking the steps necessary to stay open and clean.

“We’re taking precautions, keeping the showroom clean,” Curry said. “Using any type of antiseptic wipes, Lysol, things like that, we know to use.”

Even with precautionary steps, they have seen a decline in the volume of those they serve.

“We’re seeing a lot more of the service that needs to be done on cars,” Curry said. “Tire purchases have gone down a little bit.”

With some service down, they are able to practice social distancing more easily.

“We’re able to spread it out more, spread the jobs our more because of, like I said, the volume is down some,” Curry said.

They have had to cut back on some employees' hours.

“We’re cutting back on help a little bit, on hours,” Curry said. “And so far it’s worked out good. The employees are fine with taking off hours here and there.”

Employees are working to stay flexible for customers.

“If the customer has needs or concerns about coming in, we’re also offering to come out to the car to greet them if they’re concerned about walking inside,” Curry said. “We’ll be glad to do that.”

For now, Curry said they are taking it a day at a time and keeping up with the federal government and taking advice from local officials.

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