Nacogdoches County Jail inmates make protective masks in response to COVID-19

Nacogdoches County Jail inmates make protective masks in response to COVID-19

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - For over a week, Nacogdoches County inmates have been hand-making masks. The masks were created to protect inmates and staff, in order to limit exposure to any virus coming into the jail.

Made from recycled uniforms and poly batting material, the inmates are able to make 150 masks a day. Once the masks are washed and sterilized, they sit for 48 hours before being used.

“We feel confident in what we are putting inside of them and the research we've done, they'll keep somebodies germs contained inside the mask,” Nacogdoches Sheriff Jason Bridges said.

Bridges says this task is playing a great role within the jail. Inmates have learned how to sew and so much more.

“It’s helping inmates keep moral up. Those inmates that are working on this project are getting a sense of pride,” Bridges explained. “They are in here because they made a mistake, and this is a way that they can give back to the community. We see the spirit in their eyes by doing this. It's really a great thing."

Due to a shortage of masks in the area, Bridges says they hope to expand their service to provide masks for doctors' offices.

“We want to keep everything as healthy as we can. Because we need them. We need them healthy,” Bridges said.

As for the Nacogdoches community, Bridges says it’s going to take everyone’s effort to keep germs from spreading.

“This is a way that we can help do our part. I wanted to be able to help the community, so hopefully this will do just that,” Bridges expressed.

Any organizations interested in getting a protective mask made, you can contact the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office.

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