Family streams free, at-home workouts to keep community active

Family streams free, at-home workouts to keep community active

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - New cases of COVID-19 have increased state and local orders encouraging residents to stay home. One family found a way to make sure people are still getting their exercise.

The owners of FITT LIFE in Lufkin are hosting Facebook live “Virtual P.E.” workouts.

The Adams family has experience in fitness and coaching, so this was something that seemed fitting. Virtual P.E. started when they realized their kids needed something to do to get them up and moving.

“Let’s start something, let’s do it. I mean, it’ll be fun, it won’t cost anything for them, and it’ll be great for our kids too,” said Casey Adams. “So we incorporated our kids doing the movements with us and then just put it on Facebook live so parents and kids can do it together.”

One of Adams’ main goals was to make sure the entire family was involved. He was intentional when planning workouts for the adults.

“By incorporating big body part movements, as far as the adult goes, like squats, your push ups, your burpees, and stuff like that,” Adams said. “That gets the blood flowing and gets the adult’s part of it really moving.”

He said for the kids, he thinks outside the box and what will keep them having fun. One exercise they’ve been doing involves toilet paper.

“So what we did is we just squatted and the kids will squat their age, the parents will squat their age, and we’ll throw the toilet paper roll back and forth, and ask awesome awesome questions,” Adams said.

You don’t need any special equipment and Adams will list out what you’ll need at the beginning of the workout. Most things are laying around the house or can be substituted.

“We drew a line on the concrete with the sidewalk chalk and we just jump over the line and do a couple of activities just involving the line,” Adams said. “And we tell people, if you’re not outside, then you can just put a jump rope on the ground and jump over that.”

The one thing Adams said we can take away from this is, “Kind of the blessing of it, you know, it’s a little blessing that people are going outside with their kids and playing,” Adams said. “We can’t play at the parks but they’re playing, they’re making their own parks just in driveways and stuff.”

You can join in on the workouts through their Facebook page, FITT LIFE.

Workouts will be at 10 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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