New businesses in Lufkin learn to adapt to operations amid COVID-19 restrictions

New businesses in Lufkin learn to adapt to operations amid COVID-19 restrictions

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - A new self-serve frozen yogurt shop opened in Lufkin three weeks ago and they are first time business owners.

After a successful opening weekend and a few days of service, rules and regulations due to COVID-19 had them paying close attention to the CDC and health district’s advice.

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“If you can survive this time, I feel like you can survive anything. It has been crazy, especially for first time business owners, we’ve had to go through different regulations,” said owner, Clarke Tichy. “And at first people were coming in, now they can’t really come in. You know, you have to kind of go with what the city tells you. So we’ve been doing our best at that.”

Another owner, Grace Barnhill said that Lufkin police have come in to help guide them in best practices to maintain cleanliness and social distancing.

“The Lufkin health department has been amazing. Like, I’ve called them so many times just making sure we’re doing everything right,” Barnhill said. “And they have been so understanding and they’ve broken it down and helped us to make sure we’re doing everything that is necessary for the times.”

They are encouraging curbside pickup. And the process inside includes sanitizing surfaces often, wearing gloves, masks, and keeping those who enter the store six feet apart and away from the machines.

“No one is allowed to get it themselves. We make sure that every single time we’re making it for them,” said Barnhill.

They have kept their social media presence up to reassure people that they are still open, have 18 flavors, and toppings galore.

“We have made sure to post at least once a day, or once every couple of days, just so people know like, ‘Hey, we are open.’ And make sure everyone knows the different options that are available to them,” Barnhill said.

The support from the community has meant a lot to them during this time, especially as first time business owners.

“We have appreciated it so much. Because we really needed that during this time,” said Barnhill. “And so we have appreciated how much Lufkin has gone above and beyond to help support us.”

The owners told us business has remained steady between curbside pick up and they just started delivery orders as well.

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