6 test positive for COVID-19 at TDCJ Beto Unit

6 test positive for COVID-19 at TDCJ Beto Unit
Jail bars (Source: KLTV)

TENNESSEE COLONY, Texas (KTRE) - As of Monday, at noon at the George Beto Unit of TDCJ, (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), 6 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 and 8 tests are pending. Fourteen inmates are being isolated and 355 inmates have been placed under medical restriction.

The 14 inmates with a pending test result or a positive test are placed in medical isolation on the Beto Unit campus or in a hospital. Jeremy Desel, the director of communications for TDCJ, would not comment if any inmates are currently moved from the Beto campus to a hospital.

Inmates with potential for contact exposure to COVID-19 applies to 355 inmates at the Beto Unit on medical restriction. Desel gave an example of how this is accomplished, an offender housed in a dormitory setting would remain in the dormitory and would have no access to a dayroom. If the inmates are housed in a cell, they are restricted to the cell.

All testing for the Beto Unit is provided by UTMB, The University of Texas Medical Branch, with results provided in 12-36 hours.

Any medical or correctional staff in contact with inmates in isolation are wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Contact investigations are performed on anyone being tested.

As of Sunday, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reports 25 positive cases in TDCJ system of employees and contractors. There are 18 positive test cases in the offender population and 51 cases in medical isolation.

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