Smart device repair shops keep busy during pandemic: ‘We’re non-stop people coming in’

Smart device repair shops keep busy during pandemic: ‘We’re non-stop people coming in’

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - In a space behind a Nacogdoches East Main building Danny Powell works on computers. He delicately unscrews multiple screws to open up the back of a laptop. Specifically, this reporter’s laptop.

“There’s the inside of your 'puter,” he says over the accomplishment. And I’m apparently not the only one with computer issues.

“Everybody is trying to work from home or they need infrastructure so they can work at home,” said Powell. “So, I’m staying pretty busy right now."

Pineywoods Technology is seeing a lot of computers coming out of retirement from under beds and backs of closets. So is Screen Geeks.

“We’ve had I-Pads come in from the City of Lufkin Fire Department and everything,” said manager Davin Trevino. We’ve had some schools drop off computers and IPads to get fixed."

And repairs came through a random act of kindness.

“I even had a woman bring a bunch of stuff by that we worked on in order for her to be able to donate it to the schools so they could give it out,” said Trevino.

Some computers don’t have cameras, so there’s a run on web-cams just like East Texas Now anchors use. Devices are the link to communication currently blocked by masks, gloves and stay at home orders.

Customer Rineshia Williams says her grandmother got an iphone watch today for her birthday.

“We’re going to show her how to use FaceTime so she can actually see them,” said Williams.

There are DIY remedies for computer problems. Technicians advise enter at your own risk. One wrong move and you may have a stay at home stay with no device at all.

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