SFA AD: all athletes could benefit from NCAA compensation plan

Updated: Apr. 29, 2020 at 1:25 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - SFA athletic director Ryan Ivey believes the NCAA letting athletes profit off of name image and likeness can be benificial for athletes on all levels.

According to the Associated Press, the NCAA is moving forward with a plan to allow college athletes to earn money for endorsements and a host of other activities involving personal appearances and social media content.

The NCAA announced Wednesday that its Board of Governors supports permitting athletes the ability to cash in on their names, images and likenesses as never before and without involvement from the association, schools or conferences.

An official NCAA press release on the decision stated that the NCAA will allow student-athletes to receive “compensation for third-party endorsements both related to and separate from athletics. It also supports compensation for other student-athlete opportunities, such as social media, businesses they have started and personal appearances within the guiding principles originally outlined by the board in October. While student-athletes would be permitted to identify themselves by sport and school, the use of conference and school logos, trademarks or other involvement would not be allowed. The board emphasized that at no point should a university or college pay student-athletes for name, image and likeness activities.”

“There is not much known so we are still waiting to get direction on what is allowed,” SFA Athletic Director Ryan Ivey said. “We are looking at a few things that could be done. A lot of them right off the bat can do camps and clinics. Being able to promote their name image and likeness in camps clinics and private lessons. These athletes are highly skilled from that standpoint and maybe there are some out there looking to get some knowledge like that.”

“Throughout our efforts to enhance support for college athletes, the NCAA has relied upon considerable feedback from and the engagement of our members, including numerous student-athletes, from all three divisions,” said Michael V. Drake, chair of the board and president of Ohio State in the press release. “Allowing promotions and third-party endorsements is uncharted territory.”

Steps are being taken to make sure the system is not abused.

“The board is requiring guardrails around any future name, image and likeness activities,” the release states. “These would include no name, image and likeness activities that would be considered pay for play; no school or conference involvement; no use of name, image and likeness for recruiting by schools or boosters; and the regulation of agents and advisors.”

If voted through the plan is expected to be in place by the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic school year.

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