Upcoming plans for Lufkin ISD to return back to school

Upcoming plans for Lufkin ISD to return back to school

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - As we approach almost nine weeks without in-class learning, the planning continues for the Lufkin Independent School District.

On Tuesday, board members held a virtual meeting regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Superintendent Lynn Torres says they expect a COVID-19 outbreak to happen in the Fall. And if so, they will be prepared.

“We’re planning on how to condense certain items on the curriculum and how to deal with those issues that we are now going to consider to be remediation as we start back to school,” Torres said.

Lufkin ISD plans for school to start back on August 13th. Torres says they will be facing a learning gap.

“Worrying about that, as if that’s not enough—then, you also have to worry about are you going to have to open your doors with social distancing. Questions like, are you going to face keeping kids in desks that are six feet apart,” Torres explained. “Just things like that that we haven’t even considered. Are you going to come back with masks? Are you going to have to do above and beyond sanitizing protocols, which we are prepared to do.”

During the board meeting, many other concerns were addressed in hopes to navigate the new normal.

“We did discuss that the commissioner is putting forth an idea of an intersession calendar, where you basically go to school longer. You go to school from about August 1st until the end of June. During that year, you have certain breaks that are planned for you,” Torres expressed.

She says this is still up for debate. But if so, Lufkin ISD will be expected to make up any missed days.

“I think one of the solutions would be for the end of the 2021 school year, maybe to put things on the end--- So, if you did have an outbreak you might have to stay in June to make some of those days up. “

The superintendent says nothing is final yet, everything is on the table. No action was on the agenda to change the calendar at this time.

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