Parents of Nacogdoches high school seniors planning celebrations for graduates

Parents of Nacogdoches high school seniors planning celebrations for graduates

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Parents and teachers are rallying to organize special events for the Nacogdoches High School Class of 2020.

Since March, Nacogdoches High School Class of 2020 president Kendall Douglass, along with his buddies, have received one life lesson after another on disappointment. No school. No prom. No Project Graduation. And now a firm no to an outdoor graduation.

“I was still a little disappointed about the graduation situation, but I think people should just make the best out of it," expressed Douglass.

Which is the exact sentiment of parents and teachers now working hard to compensate for the losses.

Parent of a senior and NHS teacher Emily Taravella was pretty sad about the situation, but she rallied.

“Well, I just tried to start looking at what can we do instead. We might not be able to do the same traditions, but maybe we can find something new and different that's never been done before."

They're starting with Wednesday's Senior Celebration Day.

NHS Class of 2020 sponsor Tori Brown has been with this class since they were freshmen.

"We've got them senior t-shirts. We've got some yard signs for them. They can get their honor cords. Year books. We're trying to get together goody bags."

Beginning today, community donations were accepted and will continue Monday and Tuesday from eight to four at the Nacogdoches High School commons.

Linda Blackshire has a junior, but felt compelled to help out. "It's hard to find volunteers, especially with everything going on. And these kids deserve the best they can get."

So, the evening of May 28, the Class of 2020, each wearing cleverly designed commemorative masks with

toilet paper drawings replacing the zeroes in 2020.

"And the 'i' (in senior) is hand sanitizer," pointed out Taravella,

will decorate their vehicles which are parked six feet apart.

And the community provides the fanfare by lining the block

around the high school.

A lot of planning out of love. Now the Class of 2020 learns how to be gracious.

“I really appreciate it and I know everybody in the class appreciates it, so, thank you,” said Douglass.

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