Massage therapists now able to reopen under Phase 2 of Governor Abbott’s plan to re-open Texas

Massage therapists now able to reopen under Phase 2 of Governor Abbott’s plan to re-open Texas

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Neches River Massage Therapy was closed for nearly two months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

East Texas New Weekend’s T’Ebonie Tanner has more on the ways they plan to keep staff and clients safe.

“Due to the fact that by occupational code, we are healthcare providers, we were the only healthcare providers that were not allowed to be open,” said wner Mark Hinsley.

Upon reopening this week, he said keeping his staff and clients safe is what is most important. Everyone will be pre-screened, hand-sanitizer will be available, and masks will be optional to wear.

“A few sanitation procedures have changed, as well. Simple things like sanitizing a stylus for signing a credit card and sanitizing a pen that they may use for a form. Emailing forms to clients ahead of time is something that we did not do before the shutdown of business,” Hinsley explained.

He said upon re-opening, they will continue to follow guidelines that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations have in place. ‘

"The rule is one therapist, one client. So, there are no people waiting in the lobby. They wait in the car. They contact their therapist when they arrive, and the therapist lets them know when it is time to come in. That way it is more direct,” Hinsley said. “That way they’re social distancing, and there’s no overlap of people.”

Hinsley said back in early May, clients had to receive a prescription from their doctor or chiropractor to receive a session from a licensed massage therapist.

“As of Phase two, that is no longer the case. Now you just call the therapist, go online if they have a website, schedule your appointment, and follow their instructions,” Hinsley added.

Hinsley said the schedule has been booked solid, full of clients, and he anticipates that the next few months will be good for business.

“We will do our best as an industry to take care of our people and give no unwarranted risks,” Hinsley said.

He said the staff will continue to schedule time in between clients to make sure they have plenty of time to wipe down soft materials with isopropyl alcohol in order to keep the workspaces clean.

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