Search area moves further south for missing 79-year-old Carthage man

Search area moves further south for missing 79-year-old Carthage man

CARTHAGE, Texas (KTRE) - Search efforts continued Friday, in hopes of finding a missing 79-year-old Panola County man.

It has been one week since Joe Roy McMillian was last seen on surveillance video inside a shop along TX-315, near the Clayton Volunteer Fire Department.

KTRE’s T’Ebonie Tanner spoke with a family member today who explains why the search area has moved further south.

The silver alert for McMillian is now extended once again for another 24 hours.

“We were just trying to go from the last place his truck was spotted and go to the next places to try to see which way he could have possibly went,” family member, Morin McMillian said.

On Friday, McMillian's granddaughter-in-law, Morin McMillian was out searching along the roads where his truck was last seen.

“The last area that we spotted his truck at is in Livingston, Texas going 59 South a little before Forest Mill Drive. We cannot positively identify who is in the truck, but we do think that it was his blue truck that was going down 59-South,” McMillian explained.

In Panola County, Sheriff Kevin Lake says investigators are heading further south to try to find McMillian.

With no financial account activity, no GPS signals nor cell phone technology to track— it has hindered the sheriff’s office’s ability to find him.

“I am happy that people are actually going out this far looking for him and I appreciate everyone's efforts. The rest of the family does, as well,” McMillian expressed. “We are just trying to find him. We want to find him safe and sound, so we can bring him home."

The Panola County Sheriff’s office is asking anyone with surveillance cameras pointed at US-59 to check that video for signs of McMillian, or his blue single cab 2004 GMC Sierra truck, with Texas license plate D-M-K-29-75.

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