Protesters demonstrate in front of Lufkin City Hall to remember George Floyd

Protesters demonstrate in front of Lufkin City Hall to remember George Floyd

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) -A group of protesters gathered in front of Lufkin’s city hall on Sunday to remember George Floyd, the black man who was killed while he was in the custody of a white Minneapolis police officer.

Although there were some exchanges of different opinions, the protest remained peaceful, and participants said that is the best way to get their message across. They said that they wanted to seek justice in the Floyd case and raise awareness of the police brutality incidents that have occurred all over the country.

“It is time, it is past time for us to come together,” Free People Church Pastor Marquist Taylor said. " Black, White, Hispanic, no matter your background or who you are to come together and speak about injustice."

At one point, the protesters silently took a knee for eight minutes in memory of the eight minutes of the now-viral video of the Floyd incident that show Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck.

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“We wanted to show everybody that we can protest peacefully without being violent and vandalizing anything, but instead bringing awareness about issues everyone should be talking about Instead of ignoring it,” protester Winnie Nyatome-Warner said.

The protest lasted for about an hour and no one was hurt. No property was damaged.

“Generally we always want a peaceful protest,” protester KO said. "We don’t want to tear apart our town. We Love Lufkin. That is why we live here. We wanted it to stay as peaceful as possible and we succeeded

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