Daycare owner talks about reinstated COVID-19 precautions

Daycare owner talks about reinstated COVID-19 precautions

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - A parent and her child are met at the door by a Nacogdoches daycare employee holding a thermometer. The reading led to Kathleen Chamberlain and her child going back home.

"He has his back molars growing in, so it's part of the teething that he has a fever. Not a fever, but a low-grade temperature."

But still high enough, just under 100.3 to bar entrance says Right Step owner Lisa King.

“Unless they have a doctor’s release. Some of these kids have been to the doctor or we’ll call them and say, ‘little Johnny has got a temp.’ You’ve got to go either to get a doctor’s release or they can come back when they’ve been fever-free for three full days,” explained King.

It was only June 12 when the screening was lifted. Now it’s reinstated, leaving daycare operators wondering why the turnaround.

"And that's an interesting question and we've all kind of wondered why they did. I think it's just because there are children involved. There are people from many different demographics that come through and we just want to make sure that we're protecting all the kids."

In addition, there's lockdown. All parents and others are denied entry into daycares unless necessary. And then, they must wear masks.

“We do keep extra masks here,” showed King, a registered nurse, and a hospital board member.

The children we spoke with, get it.

"Masks keep you from getting sick because we don't want to get sick," said one boy.

Another child stepped in adding, “And when we go places we have to wear ‘mas-kes,’ " cutely pronounced, but well understood.

And if children can learn the lesson. So can adults.

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