Lufkin non-profit organization helps promote financial literacy

Lufkin non-profit organization helps promote financial literacy

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - In Lufkin, a non-profit organization is working to increase financial literacy one family at a time. KTRE’s T’Ebonie Tanner shares the benefits of the financial resources that are available to the community.

The Legacy Institute’s Financial Opportunity Center helps address almost any financial problem that someone in a low to moderate-income community would have.

“It is where someone can be up-skilled in their existing career; or if they are looking to make a career change, we can assist them with that as well,” said Joseph Caesar, Executive director of the Legacy Institute for financial education.

“They started helping me learn how to budget and be more responsible with my finances. They also taught me about how to manage my credit,” said Jessica Moore, a Lufkin resident.

Not only does the organization help provide financial coaching, but income support coaching as well.

“If people are wanting support in the form of Snap, WIC, or TANF and those types of programs; or even housing from DETCOG, we can help them apply for each one of those programs,” Caesar said.

The services are free of charge. Morris says the other programs have been beneficial to her, as well.

Caesar says there is a great need for financial literacy in the community.

“When we think about financial literacy, that doesn’t just mean low income. We have people that are making 50, 60, $70,000 a year and still do not operate off a budget. We are here to help with that,” said Caesar. “But when you do it with a coach that is checking in with you at least once a month, then that holds you accountable and creates better behavior.”

Overall, the goal is to help families.

“Not only do they help you learn how to manage your finances, but how to be self-sufficient. The programs really help you grow as a person. After working with them, I found the confidence to depend on myself fully,” Morris said.

Caesar says in North Lufkin, the median household income for 3 people per household is about $14,600. In Lufkin, as a whole, the median household income is right around $43,800 according to the U.S. Census bureau from last track from 2018.

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