Early voting has started in Angelina County, safety measures in place

Early voting has started in Angelina County, safety measures in place

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County is three days into early voting for the runoff election, which is for candidates who did not exceed 50 percent of the vote in the primary election. Angelina County elections administrator Elizabeth Hawkins said voter turnout has increased from 2018.

“We have actually doubled the amount from the full week, from 2018,” Hawkins said. “So we’re getting a little bit more but it’s still, it’s extremely slow.”

Hawkins encourages people to vote early to avoid possible lines, and have more time and space to do so.

“We really encourage early voting. Especially with this, being able to, we’re already social distance, everything is marked, come early vote,” Hawkins said. “The first day we had 105 voters. And ya know, it’s very very slow and we would like for people to come, and we encourage the early voting.”

Last week judges went through training to make sure people are at a safe distance and everything is sanitized.

“We have somebody that’s directing you where to go in,” Hawkins said. “We have somebody that is at the check-in station, they’re actually spraying your hands with hand sanitizer, then they’re actually giving you a stylus with a straw on it to sign the tablet.”

Voters will then receive a Q-Tip to mark their ballot on the express vote and get hand sanitizer on the way out. Hawkins said the workers have found their rhythm cleaning and sanitizing.

“At first it was kind of slow and we were getting used to new jobs because let’s face it, this is completely different,” Hawkins said. “But they said, well, we feel comfortable and we’re sanitizing on top of sanitizing so everybody, as far as working has been really satisfied.”

For more information on polling times, locations, and safety protocols you can visit https://www.angelinacounty.net/elections/.

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