Local nail salons adjust to revised safety guidelines by Gov. Abbott

Local nail salons adjust to revised safety guidelines by Governor Abbott

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - As COVID-19 cases increase across the state, Gov. Greg Abbott recently revised safety guidelines for cosmetology salons. East Texas News Weekend’s T’Ebonie Tanner reports on how local nail salons are adjusting.

Effective immediately, all employees and customers must wear a face covering while inside a cosmetology salon, according to the open.tex.gov website. For one nail salon in Lufkin, that’s nothing new.

“It is necessary to do it and very important for people to prevent the spread of the virus,” said Vanessa Maples, the co-owner of Roayle Nail Spa. “Some people complain that they cannot breathe through the mask well and that they feel hot, but they wear it. I have a note outside that also says, ‘No extra person can come inside the salon with you. Only the customer who has an appointment.‘”

At Royale Nail Spa, all nail techs continue to sanitize their stations and wear masks.

“They expect the same out of the customers. Seeing us wear masks and cleaning often makes them comfortable. Today, they have been saying that they like it,” Maples said. “It may be hard for them to breathe, but they still do it, and that’s a good thing.”

Although this Fourth of July weekend has been busy; at Le Nails, they say Abbott’s revised guidelines have helped.

“Most customers understand why they need them, and everyone’s mostly comfortable about wearing a mask. So far, I haven’t really had any complaints about having to have the mask on,” said Aalijah Antley, an employee at Le Nails.

Salons say the mask requirement is better for business and the community as a whole.

“If for some reason someone comes in the salon that doesn’t have COVID or just has an allergy and sneezes or coughs; we don’t get any spit or interaction with that,” Antley said. “Mostly because we do have the shields up to protect us from any stuff like that, and it prevents people from breathing on us.”

Both salons mentioned are selling masks if a customer forgets theirs or does not have one upon arrival.

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