Former Gilmer Buckeyes teammates now playing together again as Minnesota Vikings

Former Gilmer Buckeyes teammates now playing together again as Minnesota Vikings
Gilmer High School teammates reunite on Minnesota Vikings squad

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Gilmer High School’s students, faculty members, and staff may be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings in the fall because two former Buckeyes football players are now playing for the NFL team.

They’re two hometown guys who have their college jerseys on display at the Gilmer High School campus.

Blake Lynch, one of the talented defenders the Baylor Bears had on the field last year, is headed to the Minnesota Vikings as a free-agent linebacker. He found a family face on the NFL team.

Kris Boyd, another former Gilmer Buckeye, is entering his second season as a defensive back with the NFC North team. He echoed what is being said in the league about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Man, like I really don’t know what to think because as long as I’ve been living, this has never happened,” Boyd said.

He and Lynch have been working out together, and it gives Lynch a chance to absorb information from Boyd on what to expect at the next level. Boyd was rookie last year, and he had to learn the ropes on his own, but Lynch will at least have someone he knows on the team who can give him advice.

“I told him to relax because it’s football at the end of the day, and I pretty much told him to enjoy the whole process,” Boyd said. “You know, that’s what I did. Try not to think about it too much; don’t get overwhelmed.”

“It’s been really different because of the pandemic, and I’m going to the high level,” Lynch said. “The NFL is more of a business. As far as college goes, everybody’s got the same stipend. Everybody pretty much gets the same room and board.  And you know the NFL is a little different. These guys are 30 years old with wives, and you have to approach them differently.”

Like most of the league, Boyd and Lynch are expected to report at training camp on July 28.

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