SFA AD confirms three student-athletes test positive for COVID-19

SFA AD confirms three student-athletes test positive for COVID-19

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - According to Stephen F. Austin State University Athletic Director Ryan Ivey, three student-athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

“All three were asymptomatic and are currently in the middle of our isolation protocol,” Ivey said. “They are from mulltiple sports.”

Last week summer-access student-athletes, which is football and both basketball teams, returned to campus to begin voluntary workouts ahead of team activities in a few weeks. All athletes were given antibody tests and went through a coronavirus screening process. Ivey previously confirmed that last Monday 5 student-athletes were given the COVID-19 nasal swab test. Those athletes were asked to go into isolation immediately.

“We are doing on demand testing, monitoring and screening symptoms on a daily basis,” Ivey said. “We will test as often as needed.”

The NCAA has approved football coaches to start having mandatory meetings with their teams on July 13. These meetings can be for workouts and/or film sessions and can not be over 8 hours per week. On July 24 the teams will transition into a NFL-like OTA with teams being allowed to have walk troughs.

“We will continue to monitor every athlete every day,” SFA head coach Colby Carthel previously said. “We will test them every morning before they start the day. We will do contact tracing. All our players are in single dorms so everyone is living in solo dorms to practice social distancing, We are monitoring them every day and putting a lot of faith in them to be smart not under our watch. That is when you see a lot of the programs around the country have problems. It is not in coaches control, it is afterwards.”

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