WEBXTRA: SFA to debut new pitching lab for 2021 baseball season

WEBXTRA: SFA to debut new pitching lab for 2021 baseball season

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - A new pitching lab will be ready for the SFA Baseball team by the time they take the field for the 2021 season. 

From SFA:

SFA Baseball and Director of Athletics Ryan Ivey are pleased to announce the addition of an indoor pitching lab to the SFA Baseball facility.

The 4,800 square foot indoor space will provide a space for SFA pitchers to improve their craft and is set to be constructed and ready in time for the 2021 baseball season.  

“We are excited to get this project completed for our baseball program”, said Ivey. “This pitching lab will provide our coaches and program the opportunity to focus in on an extremely important aspect of the game. Having a dedicated pitching lab will help us on the recruiting trail by showing student-athletes we have a tangible asset to help them grow and develop. There’s no doubt this is a big step forward for our program.” 

Funded by generous private donations, the space will include room for two bullpen cages, complete with a Rapsodo pitching unit, which provides analytical data on spin axis and rate of spin.

The facility also includes an Edgertronic slow motion camera, the industry-leading model for mapping out pitching mechanics. This technology will allow SFA pitchers to identify errors imperceptible to the human eye and correct pitch development.  

“A big thanks to our donors and the SFASU Foundation for all of their help and support with this project,” added Ivey. “To be able to privately fund projects is critical for our long-term sustainability and growth. We couldn’t do it without them. I’d also like to thank our friends at the city of Nacogdoches for their help and support of the project as well.” 

“With the advent of all the new technology in our sport, we felt it was imperative for us to give our athletes as much of an advantage as we could”, said SFA Baseball Head Coach Johnny Cardenas. “Through the generosity of a private gift, we have been afforded the ability to do just that and to put our players on the cutting edge of sports technology. Special gratitude goes to Director of Athletics Ryan Ivey and President Gordon for their tireless efforts to get this done for SFA Baseball.”

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