Angelina County COVID cases surge over the weekend

Angelina County COVID cases surge over the weekend

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County is experiencing a steady increase in COVID-19. The surge in cases broke the 600 mark and increased to over 60 cases over the weekend, according to an administrator at the Angelina County and Cities Health District.

“People need to remember that it takes anywhere between two to 14 days to develop any kind of symptoms. These positives were credited to activities about 2 weeks ago stemming from Father’s Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend. We look to be close to 700 cases by the end of this week, even the first of next week,” said Sharon Shaw, administrator for the Angelina County and Cities Health District in Lufkin.

Shaw says Angelina County has one of the highest numbers of COVID cases in East Texas.

“Our death count is on the rise. We have had several new deaths that we are investigating and making sure that we go through all the medical records; so we can make sure that we attribute that appropriately,” said Shaw. “Polk County, which is our neighbor to the south, will rise by then double to triple digits over the next several weeks.”

She says the majority of the cases are scattered across the county and there is no particular hotspot.

“Folks, we’ve got to get together and make this work for us. I am not sure how our kids are going to go be able to go back to school. We will be close to 1000 or more COVID cases by then,” said Shaw. “You must remember that we have over 80,000 people that live in Angelina County and this is going to affect all of us before it’s said and done.”

Shaw says the Angelina County and Cities Health District encourages residents to call the coronavirus hotline for more information on COVID-19.

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