Mahomes, Chiefs call contract a ‘Legacy Deal’

Mahomes, Chiefs call contract a ‘Legacy Deal’

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In three seasons, Patrick Mahomes has cemented himself as the future of the NFL.

The Chiefs and Mahomes working out a record setting deal that could top $500 Million by 2031 should be no surprise.

After sitting on the bench his rookie season and learning from Alex Smith, the Whitehouse native took over the league in 2018 when he won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award, the NFL MVP Award, was named an All-Pro and named to the Pro Bowl. In 2019, he led the Chiefs to their first championship in 50 years and was named the Super Bowl MVP.

On the face of the deal, people may drop their jaw and ask is it really worth that. The base of the 10 year extension will pay Mahomes $477 Million. Incentives could jump it up to $503 Million. The big question will be if Mahomes could make it i the league that long. Playing over 10 years is not uncommon but with how tough the league can be there is no guarantee. What is guaranteed is $140 Million if his career ends early due to injury.

Getting away from the math, it is a simple deal. Mahomes is now locked into a city he loves and a team that loves him. The Chiefs have their guy but the guaranteed money is relatively low compared to baseball contracts around the same value. It offers the Chiefs financial ability to pay the league’s next big star and also build a team around him so they are not waiting another 50 years for a championship.

“You want to have great players around you,” Mahomes said in a Zoom press conference on Tuesday. “You don’t want to be a guy that takes up all the money and then all of a sudden you’re having to sign different guys that will take cheaper deals. We’re going to be able to reward players and keep a lot of these guys around that have built the culture even before I was here.‘'

The Chiefs are not looking at Mahomes as a guy with a lot of unknowns. Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach knows there is room for improvement in Mahomes’ game but also knows the value he brings to the team and the character of Mahomes wanting to leave a legacy with the Chiefs and the Kansas City Community that will outlive himself is something the Chiefs front office admires.

“If there was ever a player that was truly deserving of the largest contract in U.S. sports history, it’s definitely Pat Mahomes,‘' Veach said. “It is almost impossible to do the biggest contract in sports history and have a player look unselfish. Somehow Pat is able to do this in a way where he is the highest paid player for sometime yet it allows us to reward his teammates. "

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