Sales tax revenue up 5.8% in the city of Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches Sales Tax

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - East Texans are shopping local right now—and the numbers show it. KTRE’S T’Ebonie Tanner reports an increase in sales tax revenue and how a small business in Nacogdoches has been functioning.

Sales tax revenue for the city of Nacogdoches is up 5.8 percent over this time last year.

“This is significant because everybody was in kind of a lockdown mode and people were staying home. We were excited by that because what it really meant to us was even though people were staying to home, they were spending their money at home. They were spending their money here in Nacogdoches County. I mean we do love our friends in Lufkin, but they were not spending their money in Lufkin, Houston and Tyler. They were spending it here in our local businesses,” said Larissa Philpot, the President and CEO of Nacogdoches Economic Development.

In downtown Nacogdoches, House of Traditions ramped up their social media game to attract more business this quarter.

“We are doing Instagram and Facebook quite a bit. Our live sales have been very productive, which is wonderful and a good way to get people in our store without actually having to physically come into the store,” said Karen Harris, Owner of House of Traditions.

Although they still have a lot of ground to make-up from being closed for almost three months, Harris says they have recently gained a lot of business from people outside of Nacogdoches.

“We love our local customers, but we are seeing more visitors coming out and coming in. This week we have seen more people from out of state, crossing the lines and coming in to shop and spend money,” Harris said.

She says supporting local businesses in Nacogdoches is vital to keep people working and businesses operating.

“We understand that the economy is still struggling and that there are still people that are out of work. And by supporting the businesses here, you are keeping jobs here in Nacogdoches. You’re keeping your city and hospital district running and that is important to us,” said Philpot.

Philpot says the city of Houston saw decreases by sometimes 15 percent in their sales tax revenue since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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