4th of July spread evident in Angelina County numbers

Angelina County hits record high positive cases of covid-19

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County officials are urging community members to help mitigate the spread of the virus after a record day Wednesday.

There have been over 290 positive cases of COVID-19 in Angelina County within one week. City leaders say this is a record high. The county is also reporting 12 fatalities from the virus.

“Angelina County hit 1,000 cases yesterday. We have been tallying cases since about March 26 with our first cases started,” said Sharon Shaw, the administrator for Angelina County and Cities Health District.

Shaw says they are seeing some of the Fourth of July weekend spread that they anticipated.

“What the CDC classifies as ‘uncontrolled community spread,' that is what we have here in most of the state of Texas. We have no control over the next person that may be exposed or the next person that may be positive,” said Shaw. “The CDC has categories and we are in the highest serious level of uncontrolled community spread for COVID-19. We anticipate that over the next week we are going to continue to see these levels climb.”

Shaw says there are more fatalities that just came in Wednesday night and they plan to announce those to the public, as well.

“Wear your mask even around your coworkers. A lot of the spread that we’re seeing right now are across the breakroom table at lunch and in an office setting where several people have their desks,” said Shaw.

Angelina County Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Conner says he has seen a lot more people wearing masks.

“A lot of places and a lot of the business have made it mandatory—you have a mask, or you don’t come in. So, I think that is a way at this point, but we just try to contain it as best we can,” said Conner. “A lot of it boils down to personal responsibility. If everybody would do that, we can slow it down hopefully.”

Shaw says Polk county is seeing a steep climb, as well. She says they went from a little over 200 cases to 450 cases in one week.

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