Two organizations work together to bridge digital gap in Angelina County

Two organizations work together to bridge digital gap in Angelina County

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - On Friday in Lufkin, Life Tech at the Financial Opportunity Center partnered with the Deep East Texas Council of Governments to give away computers for families in need.

Executive director of the Legacy Financial Opportunity Center Joseph Caesar says their Life Tech program is working to bridge the digital gap.

“Bridging the digital gap means we are bringing all households, rich and poor, the same educational opportunities and workplace opportunities from home,” said Caesar.

Caesar says according to DETCOG, 20 percent of people in Angelina County do not have a computer.

“We are taking a demographic that has been underserved, that is lower income or working poor who can’t afford to have a computer. They are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to job training, even job searching because they don’t have internet in their homes sometimes,” said Caesar.

Life Tech Program director Dominique Lugo says that other organizations in the community helped donate the computers. He says overall, there is a bigger picture.

“Not only are we putting computers in the homes of people in need, but we’re also providing certifications. So, people can come to us if they’re interested in getting a job in the IT field and we will train them,” said Lugo.

In hopes to broaden her career, Lufkin resident Brunnsheliah King was one out of 26 people to receive a computer today.

“For me it will help me finish my Associates and Bachelors for Criminal Justice and Psychology. After I complete that, I can use this computer to help me pursue nursing. So, it is a blessing for me,” said King.

Lugo says a substantial part to bridging the digital gap is by giving people the opportunity to get the certifications they need to get higher paying jobs.

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