Teachers have concerns on returning to classrooms, virtual classes

Teacher Concerns

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - What will East Texas school classrooms look like when teachers and students eventually do return?

Some educators have worries about continuing with virtual classes and the learning atmosphere for students, as well as the possible dangers to teachers and students returning to classrooms.

With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly getting a second wind, educators and relatives of students worry about returning to classrooms , even under safety protocol.

"We don't want our children and our teachers to be exposed to this virus," said retired Longview teacher Jann Salyer.

"As an educator and a parent I understand that challenges and concerns schools districts, teachers and parents are facing," said Port Arthur teacher Tatiana Morales.

It's a balance of teachers plying their profession, educating young minds, against the current risks of returning.

"This is a hard time for all of us. No one knows what the best thing is to do," Salyer says.

Some think that virtual classes don't provide the kind of interaction between students and teachers necessary to adequate instruction.

“I feel that the best place for students is the classroom. For one: virtual class lacks the face to face feel from teachers that students get eight hours a day. A virtual session 30 minutes a day is not enough in my opinion for struggling students to acquire the necessary skills to continue a lesson on their own,” says Morales.

“I have five grandchildren who are going to be graduating this next year. They want to be involved in all the senior activities. I just don’t see how’s that’s going to be happening,” says Salyer.

And some worry that virtual classes might not be possible for everyone.

“There’s many students who are not equipped to work at home. They may not have the equipment necessary,” Jann says.

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