Dozens attend community prayer event in San Augustine

Despite the ongoing pandemic, dozens of people attended the San Augustine County socially distanced Community-Wide Prayer Meeting on the county square Wednesday.

Dozens attend community prayer event in San Augustine

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) - San Augustine County hosted a socially distanced Community-Wide Prayer Meeting on the county square Wednesday, where faith leaders in the county prayed for healing throughout the country.

“Rev. Fred Dade [Pastor of China Chapel Baptist Church in San Augustine] came by one day, and I gave him some masks,” San Augustine County Judge Jeff Boyd said. “I told him as he started to leave, ‘pray for me.’ He said, ‘I will, and you pray for me, Judge.’ I said, ‘we ought to get together and pray for each other.’ I kind of forgot about it to be honest with you. He came back a few days later and said ‘when are you ready to do that prayer meeting?‘”

Dozens were in attendance despite the ongoing pandemic.

“Everyone is following our guidelines here,” Boyd said. “We’re doing real well. We had quite a few cases early. We kind of leveled out now. I think it’s because everyone is taking it upon themselves to do things. I mean, I have my mask and everybody outside. We did social distance and had hand sanitizer. In the building, masks are required. We’re headed the right way. If the whole world would get on the same page, we’d be okay.”

“It’s important because it puts obedience into action,” Dade said. “The Lord says pray always and faint not. He stressed prayer more than He did any other commandment other than love.”

“I believe in the power of prayer,” said Kathy Haley, who works at the Colony Pines Healthcare Center in San Augustine. “The more people that come together in Jesus’ name, and ask him to help us, then that’s our only chance to get rid of all of our problems. We all need to come together as one as God’s children.”

“It’s been rough from staff down to the residents and definitely the residents’ families that can’t be with their loved one during all of this time,” said Lacresia Giles, who works at Colony Pines Healthcare Center. “The outpouring of love from them, makes our jobs a whole lot easier to take care of their loved ones as we battle on the lines praying for us.”

“I got a letter here from Michael Dickerson, Pastor of the First Pentecostal Church [San Augustine}, [he] dropped this off yesterday. I highlighted one little area that says, ‘we curse this COVID virus in Jesus name. We loosen your healing Spirit, Jesus, and we declare victory over the limits this evil that has attacked our cities, state and nation.’

“It’s unprecedented, and nobody knows the right answers. There’s not a right answer now. But as Christians and this is such a Christian-based community, we can always get together and it brings us closer. Prayer brings us closer We get along so well here in San Augustine anyway, but it never hurts to get together and pray.”

Judge Boyd says he will look to have another non-denominational community-wide prayer meeting in the next few months.

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