East Texas high school provides supplies for in-class students amid COVID-19

East Texas high school provides supplies for in-class students amid COVID-19

POLLOK, Texas (KTRE) - Preparing for school to start includes back-to-school shopping for school supplies.

Central Independent School District is providing free school supplies for their students who will attend class in person this fall, in hopes to lightening the burden on families amid covid-19.

“As we ended the year, so much was taken away from our students. So, as a district we wanted to make sure that we could give back and take care of them this year,” said Justin Risner, Central ISD Superintendent.

Risner says parents only need to provide a backpack and a lunch kit. That will help keep the kids safer and make it personal for students.

“As far as the day-to-day materials that they will need such as map pencils, binders, paper and glue sticks; that’s what we’re trying to take care of. That way the students can just come to school ready to learn,” Risner added.

Risner says the district has provided a chrome book for each high school student for the past few years.

“When the need of technology increased with COVID, we looked at going to seventh and eighth grade one to one. So, we expanded that budget and we allocated about $25,000 to buy these supplies that would be needed day to day. We are going to have the chrome books as well as the material for class, for the students every day,” said Risner.

He says the district is looking at ways in the near future to accommodate at-home learners with both supplies and technology, as well.

“Our community has been great as far as understanding what we are facing. I just think they want our students to come back and that is what we want. So, we are just trying to create the safest environment we can,” said Risner.

Diboll ISD is also providing school supplies for their students attending class in person. Superintendent Vicki Thomas says they will distribute $85,000 in supplies. Chromebooks and hotspots will be provided there as well, to those choosing to learn at home.

Huntington ISD is providing free school supplies their students, as well.

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