As two East Texas school districts await PPE, Superintendents confirm storage space is available

As two East Texas school districts await PPE, Superintendents confirm storage space is available

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Personal protective gear for students is expected to start arriving this week at districts around the state. Thermometers, face coverings, and hand sanitizer is being provided through the Texas Education Agency. As KTREs T’Ebonie Tanner reports, school officials are grateful but wondering if it is enough.

Promises of thermometers, face shields, and masks with the start of school is just around the corner. This time with supplies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Hudson ISD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Barrett Lankford says it is not enough.

“So far, we have a start and we are appreciative of that, but we have received hand sanitizer from the state. Some 320 gallons, I believe. But that is only a start and we estimate that will only last us about 20 days of school,” said Lankford. “That being said, I think school districts are going to be looking a lot of additional costs; even with the much-appreciated help from the TEA just for PPE supplies for our students and staff to keep them safe.”

The state has promised districts about 600 thousand gallons of hand sanitizer for the state's 6 and a half million public school children.

“I mean you think about the hand-sanitizer and all the requirements for the athletic events that are coming up that we are going to be hosting. So, we know we will run out of what TEA is providing,” said David Flowers, the superintendent at Huntington ISD.

Hudson and Huntington are part of region 7 and will pick up the PPE from a service center in Kilgore. Both districts say they have storage space available.

“We established a central receiving location at our maintenance department. So, it will all go there once it is picked up from the service center. We will definitely have to make the room,” said Lankford. “But the idea is to get it in, account for it, and have a good inventory system. Then, we will definitely be able to distribute it out to the campuses for their needs.”

Superintendent David Flowers says Huntington ISD is expecting their shipment to arrive next week.

“We are looking at receiving two palettes. That is how large this stuff will be that we will be getting from TEA. Then we will disperse some of it to the campuses as needed; boxes of gloves, boxes of masks and things like that,” said Flowers. “That way, we can keep a short supply on the campuses, and it is fortunate that we have a large storage facility that we can draw from when we need those.”

We have made it easy to find out what supplies your school district will be receiving. Just go to and click on the big red box. There you will find a link to the list of PPE each district is expecting.

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