‘Standing With Crockett’ influences resident to community mission

‘Standing With Crockett’ influences resident to community mission

CROCKETT, Texas (KTRE) - ‘Standing With Crockett’, a community-minded mission of the Good Shepherd Fellowship Church in Crockett, got resident Carolyn McKnight ‘walking’.

A Jericho Bible story inspired her to circle the Crockett square ‘seven’ times each morning.

On Saturday her mission, “Walls Coming Down In Crockett” will be marked with a police escort of a vehicle parade around the loop. It ends back on the square pronouncing, ‘The walls will come down in Crockett’.

“And the Walls of Crockett is anything that is impeding the growth personally, mentally, emotionally, financially, judicially, racially, whatever the walls are,” explained McKnight. “And it not only goes for Crockett, but it also goes to the Houston County area and even farther.”

The ‘Walls of Crockett’ parade will assemble at 7 a.m. Saturday at the courthouse square. Everyone is invited.

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