Circle B Farm & Wildlife Rehab cleaning to prepare for wildlife fencing

Circle B Farm & Wildlife Rehab cleaning to prepare for wildlife fencing

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - This non-profit organization gives the saying “born to be wild” a whole new meaning as they work to rehabilitate animals that have been injured or orphaned.

East Texas News Weekend’s T’Ebonie Tanner reports their workday and overall mission to protect the animals at all costs.

Circle B Farm & Wildlife Rehab owners, Rodney and Shasta Bergman, said the goal is to clean up to prepare for wildlife fencing.

“It will better secure the property and will keep the animals safer from the domestic animals that may be loose,” Shasta Bergman said. “And so, we can add additional wildlife caging in kind of a shaded area with the trees, a more natural setting for the animals for pre-release.”

Wildlife conservation is important to them. They take in all small mammals, as well as deer.

“That is one of our main concerns,” Shasta Bergman said. “Deer are spooked by a lot of noise and things, so we want to protect them from domestic animals, the noise and traffic.”

Shasta Bergman said they have about 15 wildlife animals and over 35 farm-rescued animals at this time.

“We get everything from squirrels to possums. And we get a lot of it, especially after storms that we have recently had,” Shasta Bergman said.

Shasta Bergman said Circle B Farm & Wildlife Rehab is the only facility like it in Trinity County.

“When we first got started, we knew that there was a need just with some of the things that we had seen,” Shasta Bergman said. “After we got started, we had a major influx of animals right off the bat. We started late in the season, and we still released probably about twenty or thirty animals at the end of the season.”

Bergman said like many other wildlife facilities in the state of Texas, they are working to raise money for the fencing and other enclosures to help protect the animals.

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