UIL sets return to play guidelines for high school student-athletes

UIL sets return to play guidelines for high school student-athletes

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -Twenty days before the first high school football games kick off in Texas, the University Scholastic League’s Medical Advisory Committee set more guidelines for the return to play this fall season.

The committee voted Friday to require any student athlete testing positive for COVID-19 to be cleared by a physician before they can return to play.

“I think it is the upmost importance that we follow all the guidelines and protocols that the UIL sets out for us,” Corrigan head football coach Brett Ratliff said. “At the end of the day all athletes in the fall deserve to play. For us as coaches we need to take that seriously. We need to bust our butts to make sure we get a chance to play.”

The committee also is asking for programs to follow CDC guidelines. For example, if a student athlete has a parent or someone that lives in their house test positive then the student must quarantine for 10 days.

“Some of these questions have to be referred back to the CDC,” committee member Dr. Albert Hergenroeder said. “I mean, at some point people have to trust what the CDC is saying is the truth despite its criticisms. The CDC is still the last word and there’s a lot of good scientists at the CDC.”

With the season three weeks away for smaller schools coaches are continuing to ask for their athletes to follow all of the guidelines.

”I thank the good lord every day that we are able to come out here and do this and these kids are able to do what they love,” Diboll head coach Blake Morrison said. “Coaches are doing what we love to do. It is hard. I want to hug them and shake their hands and all we can do is a toe tap or bump knuckles.”

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