Lubbock fisherman’s fantastic feat captured on viral video

Lubbock fisherman’s fantastic feat captured on viral video
Lubbock fisherman's fantastic feat captured on viral video (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - When Tyler Davis went fishing on Sunday morning, little did he know what happened would be all over social media.

Davis wasn't having much luck so he moved his boat and then it happened.

"Went 20 yards further and put my rods back up and it wasn't 5 minutes later, I got that first rod bent over. From there it was just madness. One after another."

With five rods in play, one by one each one had a striped bass on them at the same time and Tyler singlehandedly jumped around to reel each one in.

"typically when you have fish hit lines like that, you have a line cross and you lose a fish. You never land all of the, At least I've never landed all of them until then."

Thankfully there is video of this fantastic feat as Manny Alarcon, who just met Tyler that morning started recording what was happening on his phone. Once it was posted to Facebook, its had thousands of views.

Manny wrote this on my Pete Christy KCBD Facebook Page: "It has been an amazing time this summer 2020 to catch this footage of Tyler who I just met on that day and now it has created a new fishing friendship with this guy. Ill bug him enough till he takes me out in a striper frenzy adventure."

Tyler has been called “Striper Guy.” He reaped the rewards of his Sunday fishing feat as he cooked them up for dinner Tuesday night.

“Beer batter fried them with a little Louisiana spice. They’re pretty good that way.”

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