Pine Tree ISD superintendent says nurses will be able to test students for COVID-19

Open Campus Pine Tree ISD
Open Campus Pine Tree ISD
Updated: Aug. 28, 2020 at 11:42 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Pine Tree ISD has made it through a week of school under a phased approach. And this week students and teachers returned to campus for the first time. Superintendent Steve Clugston said face-to-face instruction has gone well so far.

“You know gotta say our kids have done a great job. And very proud of the staff. Kids have embraced it. I think they’re happy to be back, even though it’s under a little different circumstance and they’re wearing a mask. But I think they’re happy to be here and be around their peers,” Clugston said.

Clugston explained the approach the district takes when handling positive cases of COVID-19.

“Well first thing you’re going to do -- generally when you’re notified, it’s going to be, you know -- they’re not going to be on campus. I mean, if we have somebody that starts running a fever or shows any kind of symptoms at campus, they’re going to be moved to an isolation room and we’re going to contact parents. But basically once we get a positive case, of course we’re going to we’re going to isolate the area that we’re in. Make sure we get that that clean,” he said.

Clugston said starting next week, nurses will be able to administer COVID-19 tests for students whose families can’t get in to see their primary doctor.

“if parents can’t get in with their doctor to get tested -- our nurses are going to be able to give the test. And then we’ll send it off to a diagnostic clinic to get a confirmation to help with those kids who are showing symptoms but we don’t know whether it’s COVID or not.”

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