Hudson ISD superintendent talks low district COVID numbers, unity between districts

Updated: Sep. 9, 2020 at 11:03 PM CDT
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ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Hudson ISD superintendent Donny Webb said so far after a few weeks of school, the districts COVID-19 numbers have been very low.

“Things have gone really well and really smooth. Right now our numbers relating to COVID have been very very low, which we’re very fortunate for that to be the case. I mean at this point in time over the last four weeks we’ve had only eight students that have actually tested positive. And that’s out of a little over 2,200 students that are on campus. And so our percentages right now are less than a half-a-percent of students that have tested positive for COVID. So that is good,” Webb said.

Webb said although remote instruction seems to going smoothly, because it is new for everyone, the district is constantly making adjustments.

“Our remote instruction is going pretty smoothly. But I think this is also something that’s new for everyone in the country. And so we’re constantly having to adjust to ensure that our kids at home are getting a good instruction and that instruction is happening. I would say that we definitely need -- and I think all campuses in the state need additional help -- from parents to ensure that our kids are indeed doing the work, that they’re staying caught up with the online platforms. Because the students are not then, they’re likely to lose credit in courses or to potentially be retained for a school year. And we certainly don’t want that to happen," Webb said.

Webb said all the districts in Angelina County work very closely with each other and do what they can to assist each other.

“One beautiful thing about Angelina County is that all of our county superintendents, we meet regularly. We work very closely together we communicate regularly and that’s a really a great thing. So we’re constantly helping one another in various areas. I do know, for instance, we’ve got school districts like Lufkin ISD that has really taken on a challenge and has really helped out Wells ISD with food service. And, you know that’s a beautiful thing that we have in Angelina County is that the districts are so willing to help each other out. So I commend Lufkin ISD in the work, what they’re doing for Wells. But we’re all in it to help each other out. So you know, obviously, we’re here and we’ll help other other folks out too,” Webb said.

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