TEACHER DIARY: Angelina County teacher says students, teachers adjusting to new normal

TEACHER DIARY: Angelina County teacher says students, teachers adjusting to new normal
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EAST TEXAS, Texas (KLTV) - We’ve started a new segment called Open Campus: Teacher Diaries where we hear teachers' perspectives about what is going on in East Texas classrooms this school year.

Last week, the special coverage continued with an Angelina County teacher’s perspective.

“Well, the new year with students is off and running! Kids, parents, and staff were ready to come back,” the Angelina County teacher wrote. “Students who are participating in face-to-face learning are doing a fantastic job adjusting to a new norm. Most students are easily complying with mask mandates and social distancing. Students, thus far, have needed very little redirection with this.”

The Angelina County teacher wrote that because his or her school district has given parents a choice, some families are learning in a virtual setting, and that has helped with hallway traffic. Students have been able to social distance by spreading out more, the teacher said.

“The school is going above and beyond to ensure safety for all,” the Angelina County teacher wrote. Desks are sanitized between each class period. Students keep their own belongings. Students have personal water bottles."

The Angelina County teacher continued by saying this year has been “eye-opening.”

“Parents seem grateful to have a place to send their children,” the teacher wrote. “Kids and parents seem to appreciate the staff’s efforts as we learn a new style of teaching, and kids seem thankful to have a school building to come to.”

According to the Angelina County teacher, the schools are being honest and transparent with the number of recorded COVID-19 cases.

Every case reported to a campus is investigated, and if needed, a form letter is sent out to all staff and parents informing them of the confirmed case. At that point, a formula is used to determine when the infected individual can return to campus.

“I am so proud to serve in a community where we seem to be working together to get through this new norm,” the Angelina County teacher wrote. “As an educator, I feel safe in the workplace. As a parent, I believe my children are in attending school in a safe environment.”

East Texas News will hear from teachers on a regular basis as the 2020-2021 school year progresses.

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