Grand Saline ISD Supt. Micah Lewis says he’s looking for help for teachers

OPEN CAMPUS: Grand Saline ISD Supt. Micah Lewis on how first weeks of school have gone

(KLTV) - Now that Grand Saline Independent School District has been in session for about a month, we invited the district’s superintendent to give us an update.

“I’ve heard of teachers working 10 to 12 hours and we’ve got to figure out something else,” Lewis said. “What we have right now is not sustainable. We’re working on some things to get them some needed help. This is not going to be a set-up to work long-term."

Lewis said the district has had nine confirmed COVID-19 cases, with four of the cases happening before school started, two are students since the year has started, with one of those being an at-home learner.

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