Virtual learning is going very well for one family with Lufkin ISD students

Virtual learning is going very well for one family with Lufkin ISD students

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - On Tuesday, Lufkin ISD administrators presented the school board with a review of their asynchronous learning plan for virtual students.

KTRE’s T’Ebonie Tanner finds out how one family’s virtual learning progress is going so far.

Mary Tanksley has two kids within Lufkin ISD and they have been doing virtual learning since day one.

“We are just going to wait and see how things go. With the uncertainties with COVID-19 and because we have a multi-generational household, it is important to me that we keep my mom safe,” said Tanksley.

Lufkin ISD has made it easy to transition for other students, as well.

“Our asynchronous plan really focuses on the schedules, what they look like, the number of minutes, and the time that students are required to be on the computer with their teacher. The interacting, the amount of student progress. The whole goal is to make sure we’re providing those kids at home the same type of learning that we are with our kids on campus,” said Shelley Slaton, Assistant Superintendent for Lufkin ISD

Tanksley says her son is taking asynchronous learning art and PE class this year.

“They just check-in and they are given work that they need to do within a time frame. And so, it’s really up to the student to make sure that they get that work done,” Tanksley said.

She says virtual learning is going well for her children because of their routine. Log on, check-in with their teacher, and complete the assignment.

“What is great is when we’ve got to communicate with the teachers, we can let them know we had issues, they will let us know what we missed and often the classes are recorded on zoom. So, my daughter or son can go back and see anything that they missed. Or we can get with classmates and see what part maybe we missed,” Tanksley explained.

For additional help with remote learning, Tanksley says her and few parents started a Facebook group called “LISD Virtual Parents”.

This week is Lufkin ISD’s open movement, so students have the option to return to face-to-face instruction. Slaton says 246 students returned on Monday.

Other parents have until Friday to make their decision, then stay virtual for the following three weeks, if they choose to continue remote learning.

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