Local eatery dedicates sandwich to East Texas man who died in accident

Updated: Sep. 19, 2020 at 6:38 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - An East Texas man passed away after an accident on a roof. Hours before, he had stopped by a local restaurant, where the owners created a sandwich just for him.

Now that sandwich is named after him with the proceeds going to his family.

“To me, he was my everything," Hannah Miller said. "He was funny. The bright side of all of us. He always wanted to make everyone smile.”

That’s how Hannah describes her late husband Dillon.

“He loved to eat,” Hannah Miller said. “If we went anywhere, it was one of those things. We were going around eating. Like, we were going to find a good spot to eat.”

After working one day, Dillon Miller stopped by Be Blessed BBQ in Nacogdoches, but owner Jeremiah Moss said they were closing because they had sold out of nearly every item on the menu.

[Dillon] said, 'Man that boudin," Moss recalled. “He said, 'Y’all don’t have any brisket? ‘Yeah, we got a little bit of brisket. We can make something, throw some jalapenos on there.’ Just threw it together. Dillon bit into it, he said, ‘Man, let me have another one!’"

“I think he called Kim or came to the office and told her he had the best sandwich and that it changed his life,” Miller said.

“He said this sandwich has so many flavors in it, it changed my life forever,” Dillon’s mom Kim Miller said.

“We found out our circles run together,” Moss said. “My sister had taught him in school. He taught my nephews in Awanas in church. I didn’t know him personally, but our families knew each other and loved their family.”

A week later, Dillon, Hannah, and their two boys stopped by for that off-the-menu sandwich. However, later that same day, tragedy struck.

“My sister calls me and said, ‘He’s been in a freak accident,’” Moss said. They’re life-flighting him and pray for him. The next morning when I got the news he had passed away, you know, you mourn."

Moss said he wanted to do something special for Hannah and the boys.

"I reached out to her, Moss said. "I said ‘I would like to honor Dillon with that sandwich. That off-the-menu sandwich and if you like, the proceeds or whatever we raise, I’d like to honor him and give to you and your boys.’ In four weeks, over 700 sandwiches in Dillon’s honor were purchased.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Micha Miller, Dillon’s dad, said. “The outpouring of support, especially through COVID. We had no idea what we meant to the community and what the community actually meant to us.”

The Miller family and Moss said Dillon’s legacy will continue. Hannah said Dillon was an organ donor.

“I really try to think about it, especially for our boys, that’s something I can tell that their daddy, even with the situation that we were put in, he was able to help others still," Miller said. "It’s really been a blessing.”

Moss said "The Dillon Sandwich” is now a menu item, No. 7, and is now Be Blessed BBQ’s most popular sandwich. Moss said last week Dillon’s mom told him for the first time the number seven was Dillon’s number while playing sports in high school.

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