Two Lufkin ISD students will have their own NASA patches flown to the International Space Station

Two Lufkin ISD students will have their own NASA patches flown to the International Space Station
Updated: Sep. 22, 2020 at 6:49 PM CDT
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - This year, Lufkin community members are invited to select the two official mission patches for SSEP Mission 14 to the International Space Station. S-S-E-P stands for student’s spaceflight experiment program.

Lufkin ISD has two patches in the running.

Lufkin ISD conducted their annual competition, this time with art. Cami Hertzog’s patch was selected out of 560 students—and Paola Diaz’s patch was selected as well. Stem coordinator for Lufkin ISD, Suzy Jungmann says both mission patches will be sent to space on the Space-X rocket in November.

“They are presently running a contest. There were 50 different patches submitted from students from all over the world, so we are in a competition to have to be the overall. The Lufkin Panthers are extremely competitive, and we are hoping that we get support from our Lufkin community to make sure that both of these girls become the winners,” said Jungmann.

Jungmann says one focus of the mission patches was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

“In order to include the school and the patch I used the astronaut’s reflection of the helmet and put the flag on the moon,” said Paola Diaz, 9th grader at Lufkin High School.

“I put an astronaut front and center to support and thank the astronauts who are risking their lives and helping discover space,” said Cami Hartzog, 5th grader from Brandon Elementary School.

Jungmann says this project is special to S.T.E.M. department. Not only are they sending an experiment to space, but they are representing the arts as well.

“When it returns along with our science project, their patch will have flown to the international space station and they will receive a certificate that makes it authentic. So, this is something that the girls can hold onto to when they are my age,” said Jungmann. “I was a little girl when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I hope that 50 years from now, these girls will say, hey my piece art made it to space.”

Officials say replicas of these patches will be affixed to the outside of the mission 14 payload box containing the 33 flight experiments.

The two official mission patches will be selected from the mission 14 communities' 50 flight patches flying with their flight experiments.

To vote for both student-designed patches to be selected for a journey to the international space station, head to and click the link in the Big Red Box.

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